Chlamydia trachomatis is responsible for the most frequent bacterial STD (STI). Untreated, it can lead to severe pelvic infection in women and can be associated with ectopic pregnancy or infertility. In men, it often brings up a penile discharge which may be associated with pain while urinating. It can also be associated with prostatitis, epididymitis or even rare fertility complications.

40-70% of infected persons may have no symptoms at all. However, one can transmit the infection even in the absence of symptoms. Symptoms usually show up 5-10 days after sexual contact and may be intermittent in nature. Rarely a long asymptomatic period can precede the appearance of symptoms. In the absence of symptoms, screening for STD (STI) is best done 3 weeks after a sexual contact with a partner of unknown sexual health status. However, with the new techniques used, the screening test may be positive as soon as 3 days after exposure.

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